Megan Feichtinger Design & Illustration



hi! I'm megan

Born and raised in the Skagit Valley, life long art-lover and mess-maker, I've been a creative kid ever since the beginning.

Things got real when I packed up for Poulsbo, double-majored in Graphic Design and Illustration at Northwest College of Art and Design, and  learned that I could combine my fun, colorful, hand crafted art and illustration with the tight, crisp, and defined world of design to create memorable and powerful work.

I try to incorporate as much authenticity and personality as I can into my design work, lettering, and incorporating line art style illustrations, rather than losing the character of handmade work.

You'll find me drawing or painting, sitting with my nose in my laptop, adventuring outside in the glorious PNW, curating my dogs' Instagram pages (Ten Speed and Alistair), playing tabletop games (and scheming designs to make my own one day...) or sitting alone in the corner of a coffeeshop.